Monday 30 March 2020
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Major Hair Loss Causes in Women

There are several factors for the hair loss causes in women. Stress is one of the main causes behind the hair loss. Women generally can get the stress through several reasons like any abnormal conditions to their beauty and health, overweight, diabetes, financial problems, divorce, major surgery, severe infection and any other negative situations. Intense stress in women abruptly brings maximum hair follicles to resting level from their developing stage. This may go for some months to years and known as the telogen effluvium.

Hair LossIt is also seen that after child birth women generally experience hair loss as child birth strain creates the hormonal imbalance to them. Usually hair loss after child birth states as a temporary hair loss. Women pattern baldness is such a kind of hair loss in which they get hair-thinning on their head. The major cause behind the baldness is  DTH dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of male hair hormone known a testosterone. Certain traces of testosterone are present in women under her general health conditions. This DHT causes the hair-follicle miniaturization and slowly destroys them. Sudden decline in women hormones just after the menopause period also creates the hair loss problem. The symptoms of this kind of hair loss include hair thinning importantly on the top and round off the scalp. Usage of birth control pills is also one of the major causes for women hair loss.

There are many blogs which represent the major causes of hair loss. Radiotherapy or chemotherapy also causes the hair loss as it targets the hair follicles along with quickly diving cancer cells. Most of the active hairs in their raising level fall out of the body instantly after this radiotherapy against cancer. This kind of hair loss is called as the anagen effluvium. Regular pull on the natural hairs during some hair styles such as straightening, cornrows, braiding, tight ponytails plus the hair extensions also causes the hair loss. This kind of hair loss commonly known as the traction alopecia. If the number of hair fall is increases then it is denoted as beginning of a hair loss condition. Anemia, a severe condition of minmum number of red blood corposules in blood also take into account for the female hair loss. Other hair loss causes for women include thyroid imbalance, poor diet and excessive usage of unsuitable hair care products such as hair dyes, shampoos, hair conditioners and so on.