Saturday 25 January 2020
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Hair fall in Females: what do you need to know?

Hair loss in females: Causes and effects

Loss of hair in females can be caused out of several reasons. The process can be triggered at any point of time, and excessive loss of hair can be expected if the lady is in the pre natal stage. Post natal loss of hair can also occur and this remains to be a common phenomenon. However, loss of hair if it happens frequently and in bigger volumes remains to be a serious matter of concern. However, there are some effective hair loss solutions that work fine for most of us. One of them is hair transplantation.

The process of hair transplantation although scary, remains to be minimally invasive. Trichologists play an important role in making the process a successful initiative provided, the patient remain to be understanding and has the right mind-set. However there are certain natural remedies as well which can control fall of hair during initial stages.

Here in this blog, we give you certain tips and techniques which can really bring in results in relation to excessive loss of hair leading to baldness.

Natural remedies as a solution towards hair loss

Natural remedies which can work in favour towards growth of hair, includes the following:

Henna or Mehendi – Henna or mehendi is a natural conditioner which can help in regrowth and rejuvenation of hair. Henna is made from natural ingredients and the greatest advantage is that these products do not have side effects.

Home based hair packs are basically made at home, which can be spread on the scalp before one goes for a good hair wash. Such home packs are made from egg yolks, white curd, or lemon juices. Castor oil packs can be applied in order to control fall of hair in women till a large extent.

Chemical substances which can work in favour of hair fall.

Minoxidil – This is an external agent which can be used in order to control fall of hair. 2% concentration is recommended for patients who are suffering from excessive hair fall. The solution has been approved by the medical association in USA. However, the substance is known to create an impact on 1 out of 4 women, when applied.


On failure of Minoxidil, doctors prescribe spironolactone which is known to be the second best solution. This medicine is available in tablets which can be taken from over the counter. However, these kinds of tablets are known to have side effects and therefore, needs to be avoided in case someone suffers from kidney related issues. 

However, the medicine is known to address hair fall which results from androgen. However, the drug is not approved by the doctors. Therefore, patients are asked to be thoroughly careful while using this kind of medicines.

Hair Transplantation – A permanent solution to baldness

Hair transplantation is actually known to be a permanent solution to all types of issues related to hair fall. Hair transplantation takes into consideration removing healthy hair grafts from the donor area an area where healthy growth takes place) to the recipient area with the intervention of technology. Hair transplantation in India is done through several techniques which are known as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Nht is the online hair transplant provider in India. Whether it would be Delhi or Bangalore, Mumbai or Surat, Kanyakumari or Jammu, you can find affordable hair transplant services at Nht’s online portal. However cost of hair transplant in Bangalore is much pocket friendly.

Besides these two common methodologies, other types of methods are also followed which are explained as under:

Plasma Replacement Therapy:

Also known as PRP this remains to be an effective solution for hair fall. In this case, patient’s own blood sample is taken, and the platelet count is increased through some external catalysts. These rich platelets are then introduced to the bald area through a surgical intervention. However, there are several advantages of the same, as these remains to be an infection free treatment process.  As a matter of fact, this remains to be one of the safest modes of treatment which remains to be cost competitive as well.

Scalp Micro-pigmentation (SMP)

This remains to be a process which can have a better control of hair fall, instead of triggering growth and re-growth of healthy hair grafts. This is commonly known as hair tattoo amongst patients. The process is understood to be able to hide a thinning hair base within limited costs.

Please note that, these are suggestive techniques which have become very common in various Indian cities in the recent past. Bangalore has emerged as one of the most popular hubs for hair transplantation. Hair transplantation in Bangalore offers several advantages in terms of cost, as well as an improved infrastructure for patients.