Monday 30 March 2020
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Hair Care

Hair is the mane topic for men and women. A head contains 1,20,000 to 1,50,000 hairs normally. Per month 1/2 inch of  hair will grow. This will maintain up to 3 to 4 years. There is a resting stage at that time. Before 3 or 4 months hair falls it should be at rest and the new hair will replaced at that place. If there is a stress then there should be a sudden changes in the rest hair it collapsed the normal hair cycle. There are two types of stresses that is psychological stress and emotional stress. Hair loss due to psychological stress can be reduced by good diet and relaxation exercises. There is quick remedy in these type of hair losses.

                Suppose you are the experienced person in hair loss and want to grow your mane ,there are so many ways in home made treatments and also in medical treatment sides.

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Home made treatment:

  • Good hair care habits will helps to you for regrowing of hair.
  • Hair will damaged by frequent washing.
  • Gentle hair wash is necessary in frequent timings.
  • Hair conditioner will helps you from damage the hair
  • Use the lowest heat in the hair dryer
  • A comb with wide tooth will used
  • Use different styles of hair to make your hair free
  • Coloring should in between 8 to 10 weeks time
  • Use sunscreen conditioner
  • Scalp massage will stimulated the growth of the hair
  • Nutrition rich food will increase the hair growth

Medical Treatment:

  • By doctor advised check the hormone levels.
  • Apply minoxidil in the scalp twice a day
  • If there is no result in the above treatments, then go for transplantation which is costlier and cause infection
  • At last you go for laser therapy treatment.

Nail Treatment:

              Which is the ancient one. It will do where you may. Before two hours or after two hours of food you will do this. Rub the finger nail each other for five to ten minutes per day you feel some sensation starts from your finger and goes to your scalp . It helps to thicker and healthy hair. Result will be get  by three to four months.

According to those type of treatments you must be take a good diet and good exercise also free from stress . Suppose you have taken a good food, exercise daily but if there is a sudden hair fall means you have sudden worry it tends a hair fall. This type of hair loss is recovered easily by relaxation of stress. If we are free from stress hair loss also stopped.

Use natural shampoos. Most of the harsh shampoos create a lot of problems like itching in a scalp, dry hair and loss of hair . Before buy the product everyone should read the label which contain the ingredients of that product and also the manufacturing date. If there is any doubt we are allow to check through this web address

Atlast I wish you all for the beautiful hair.