Tuesday 23 July 2019
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India- Only Place for Affordable Hair Transplant Treatments

Abstract-India has become a better place for hair transplant because it is cost-effective as well as it provides effective medical care for those who are searching a place for hair transplantation treatment. The cost per graft in the US is around 4 or even 9 dollars when it is only around 1 to 1.5 dollars in India. Furthermore, India offers medical tourism that facilitates the patients to come to our country, stay during the treatment and also travel around the nearby places before they go back to their home country.

India is full of choices so you have many options to choose. Each city has its own quality in medication. All the good cities in India are best for hair transplant; Ludhiana is one of those cities. Ludhiana is the city in Punjab and a good place for medical services. Hair transplant in Ludhiana is affordable and the doctors are very qualified and experienced. The clinics are well-equipped.

The most advanced cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad have the state-of-the-art equipment to treat these patients. They use a strip or a follicular method to stimulate hair growth.. This facilitates the economic growth of our country.

Following are some reasons behind baldness-

  1. Genes and hormones
  2. Shrinkage of follicles due to age
  3. Stress
  4. Medication
  5. Burn or illness

What is Hair Transplant

Hair-transplant is the process of shifting hair from the back or sides of the crown portion of the head. This is a medical process which is done by a dermatological surgeon after administering local anaesthesia to the patients. Alopecia or baldness has become very common in men and also becoming increasingly common in women as well. If you are also one having such a problem, don’t worry. Just go for a hairline lowering or hair transplant that allows you to have frontal hairline and look attractively young!

Eligibility for the surgery-

  1. Those who have normal baldness.
  2. In the case of women, when they experience thinning of hair.
  3. The people who have lost some portion of hair as a result of some injury or burns.

Who can’t go for the surgery-

  1. The cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.
  2. The people who don’t have enough hair in other parts of the head.
  3. If the surgery leaves keloid scars after surgery.

The growth rate of the hair:

  1. The growth rate is low when the scalp is loose to hold the hair.
  2. Low if your hair is curly

You have to continue taking medications until the time your doctor asks to stop and have to undergo laser treatment to prevent the future hair loss in other places where surgery was not done. Another important thing is that you should have a discussion with your doctor, who will tell you how effective the surgery will be to avoid disappointments later.

Surgery procedure

The dermatological surgeon will move some strands of hair from the back or sides to the bald spots on your head. This, he does by injecting local anaesthesia with a small needle and gently pulls out hundreds or even thousands of hairs and sews it on the front part of your head. He will thoroughly wash your hair before starting the procedure and takes out a round patch of hair where hair growth is good.

The surgeon uses a knife and a magnifying glass to extract the hair and separates it to be carefully placed on the affected place. This will help you look young and attractive than before. It looks as if you have an attractive hair, naturally! The surgeon will make several tiny holes in the places and implant it in the places there is no hair. Since he stitches hair in these places, it is natural that people have scars in such places. But, don’t worry as these scars will be covered by the newly transplanted hairs.

What have you to do after surgery?

  1. Take painkillers.
  2. Take antibiotics to prevent infection after a surgery
  3. Take anti- inflammatory medication
  4. Take minoxidilorPropecia which will control hair fall and stimulate hair growth.

How far is this surgery effective?

It is quite natural that the transplanted hair will fall off two to three weeks after the surgery. You don’t have to panic as new hairs start to grow once the transplanted hair fall down. You will find it very effective because it stimulates at least 60% hair growth in people who have a receding hairline.

Can this surgery cause any side effects?

  1. Minor itching.
  2. Loss of blood.
  3. Loss of sensation in the areas where the surgery was carried out.
  4. Shock loss of the hair transplanted.
  5. Bump or inflammation around the area where surgery was done.
  6. Skin discoloration around the eyes.

Conclusion-In short, baldness is not a reason to lose your confidence or a bright future. If you are suffering from alopecia, stop worrying. Consult the dermatologist surgeon who will advise you to undergo a surgery after checking the intensity of your hair fall. This androgenic alopecia is common as you become old. It is found by the US National library of medicine that 50% of the men who are over 50 years of age will develop baldness because of age.No doubt in that, there are many best clinics in India for hair transplant treatments but as I discussed above that Ludhiana is one of those developing cities in India which are famous for their medical services. The cost of hair transplant in Ludhiana is affordable. Doctors are well -trained. The success rate of surgeries is very high in Ludhiana.

It’s completely worth to visit India so you can enjoy medical tourism in India!

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