Saturday 20 July 2019
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Hair Care Tips During the Summer Months in Dubai

The climate in Dubai is always humid and dry. For individuals who are very much concerned and conscious about their hair and looks, summer is not a very good season as ‘bad hair day’ is quite common during this season. If you are very particular with your hair or makeup during the Dubai summer, do not fret as there are many ways to prevent the summer heat from ruining your hair or makeup.

The sun is out and the weather invites you to go outside and meet friends or go to the beach, but you realized that doing so will ruin your hair, what should you do? The heat should never discourage you from going outside as there are ways to could do to avoid a bad hair day. If you do not have formal knowledge in hair care, the following are some of the summer hairstyling tips that you may consider doing:

Get your curls on– Curly hair is very popular during the hotter days in Dubai. If you happen to have a curly hair and usually prefers to have a straight one, summer is the perfect time to go natural and flaunt your naturally curly hair. Your concern, however, is to fight the frizz. You may want to use a sun veil that helps treat, protect, and moisturize your hair. Your sun veil should have UV filter to screen away the damaging effects of the summer sunrays on your hair.

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Avoid the super straight hair– If you are used to flat ironing your hair to achieve a super straight hair, summer is the best to take a time off from such practice. Expert hairstylists suggest that having a super straight hair during the summer is not recommended as it could damage your hair. They suggest to temporarily let go flat iron and to let your hair dry naturally. By doing this, the natural waves of your hair would come up, which is trendy during the summer in Dubai.

Enjoy the waters– Some may say that this tip is not related to hairstyling and hair care, but the truth is, it is. If you are planning to go to the beach, do so as it could improve your hair’s volume and health. Saltwater is believed to produce certain benefits to the hair. The next time you hit the beach don’t just think that you are doing it for fun but also for your hair and style. Also, swimming will cool you down during the hottest days in Dubai. Moreover, make sure only to use natural beauty products as they are less harmful to your skin and hair.

Protect your colored hair – Having a colored hair on a summer can be a liability, especially if you don’t know how to protect and manage it. If you have a colored hair, chances are, the summer sun will ruin it, which is why it is best to apply some sun shield spray on it. Failing to do so will surely ruin your hair. If you don’t want frizzy and damaged hair, don’t get your hair colored during the summer time.

Don’t go out without wearing sunscreen – The heat in Dubai during the summer months is truly unforgiving. Don’t go out without wearing a quality sunscreen. While this is not totally related to hairstyling, it is to skincare. Protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun and the humidity, use only natural beauty products.

The summer heat and humidity should never spoil your social and fashion life. By doing the mentioned tips, you can turn your bad hair day into a fabulous one. You may not have a certificate or diploma from a school offering hairdressing courses, but you can take care of your hair correctly and effectively.


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