Saturday 23 March 2019
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Get regular services in Shanti Gopal

This hospital is located in the Indirapuram region of Gurgaon in the state of Uttar Pradesh. This place is a 100 bedded multi-specialty hospital and clinic.

Shanti Gopal Hospital was established in the month of November in the year 2008. This one has a very highly superior health care system and that is why this hospital is trusted by many.  The best part of this hospital is, they provide medical treatments to their patients in highly affordable prices. This place is very caring to their patients and they try to provide the best care that they can give to the ones who come to get well here and get rid of their diseases.


This hospital has some advanced facilities and good infrastructure and that is why people can get all kind of medical treatments here.  Here one can get a world class tr4eatment from experienced doctors at a very reasonable cost. Here the staffs provide a very peaceful and friendly atmosphere and so the patients who get admitted here do not get nervous. Here one can get 24 hours of assistance from the doctors and all the medical staffs and so if there is anything that one wants to share on enquire they do not have to hesitate or wait for hours.

In Shanti Gopal Hospital, treatment and taking care of patients come first. In this hospital erring has proper rules and regulations and all the staffs and doctors strictly follow those rules.

Here one can get several key specialties and so people with any disease can come here for check-ups and for a better treatment and consultation form experienced doctors. Apart from that, this hospital has 24 hours of ambulance services and there are pharmacy shops open throughout the day and night from where one can buy medicines. There is a pathological service where all the tests are done for the patients and then there is also a blood bank which is open 24 hours every day. So, if there is any need of blood during an emergency, then one can get it from the blood bank.

This hospital has some main mottos which they follow very strictly. They try to provide high quality medical treatment, and also, try to maintain a very safe and healthy work atmosphere around. Each of the staff working here is responsible towards their duties and tries to fulfil all the needs of the patients. One can get a very clean and hygienic surrounding here and it is highly maintained so that no one catches infection from there.

Here one can find almost all the departments of treatment. There is cardiology department, ENT department, anaesthesia department, gastroenterological department, gynaecological department, general physician department, maternity department and many more. Here one can also get preventive health check-ups where all the tests are done with utmost care.  Regular health check-ups are very much needed as everyone leads a busy and hectic life these days. So here one can go for general health check-ups, executive health check-ups, cancer screening check-ups and many more.

In this hospital, every facility is available. One only needs to go there by making a proper appointment in the department in which they want an expert consultation. There is also a 24 hours’ emergency service which one can avail anytime if needed.

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