Saturday 20 July 2019
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Top Reasons to Dine in an Indonesian Restaurant

Every one of us is a food enthusiast. We crave for new and exotic flavours after a matter of time, and at times we would go beyond the confines of our comfort zone just to satisfy our taste buds. We also tend to look for a new way to enjoy our meals, as at times our current dishes get boring and bland.

But how do you actually address such cravings? Well, if you’re up for a roller coaster ride when it comes to dining, then perhaps it’s time that you eat at an Indonesian restaurant. Sure, it may be just another Southeast Asian cuisine for you, but it has more to offer than expected. Its regional flavours alone, such as Bali food, already showcase a lot to a first time diner, and this is something you wouldn’t want to miss.

Among the reasons to eat at an Indonesian restaurant are:

  1. There’s food for everybody.

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers food that covers everyone on the table, then Indonesian cuisine is the place to be. As per tradition, Indonesian restaurants provide meals in plentiful servings, mainly because they have to make sure that everyone seated on the table would be fulfilled and satisfied at the end of the meal.

It is part of the country’s culture that every guest gets to eat and be satisfied, and restaurants follow suit as well. So yes, if you’re with a big group, then you better take them to this type of diner.

  1. There’s the fusion of sweetness and spice.

One thing that’s unique to Indonesian cuisine is that unlike their other neighbours, Indo flavours are more inclined to be sweet than hot and spicy. However, the local cooks have their own way of fusing these two flavours in such a manner that you are able to feel satisfied, as the cravings of your sweet tooth are met while the longing to feel energized is provided by the spices used on the dish.


You may also find it odd to devour a supposedly savoury dish that tastes sweet, but it’s worth the experience.

  1. It is a haven for rice lovers.

Asians are known to treat rice as their staple meal, but not the rest of the world’s population. But what if you are also craving for rice?

Well, if you want to experience a rice adventure from a different approach, then you might as well do it the Indonesian way. Indo cooking offers not just the typical steamed rice, but rice cooked with an array of aromas and flavours which you will not find in other cuisines such as Chinese, Japanese, or even Thai.

Where else would you find sweet and sticky rice to be served as a complement to curry? Or rice cooked in coconut water and milk?

  1. Indonesian cooking features flavours from all parts of the archipelago.

If you are planning to travel all over Indonesia but would want to be introduced to their regional cultures, then you may start with their food first. Each region in the country has its own rendition of a particular dish, which is worth tasting as they are prepared, cooked, and served differently.

For example, you may recognize beef rendang as a staple in Bali food, but the same dish is done and tastes differently when in Sumatra or Java. The same goes with chicken satay and other well-known Indonesian dishes.

So yes, if you intend to discover what Indonesia is like in terms of culture and tradition, then the best way to start is with their food-thus the essence of dining in an Indonesian restaurant.

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