Friday 21 February 2020
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Reasons for Shifting from Tea Bags to Loose Leaf Tea

There are lots of discussions these days all over the world that loose leaf tea is better than the packed ones. But if you are still in some doubt, then read on to understand why it is important and how can you make the switch.

  • Loose leaf tea is of superior quality:

This reason is good enough to buy loose tea online. The critics of the packaged tea claim that the tea in the bags is nothing, but the residue left after the loose leaf is being sold. The tea bags consist of the dust and fannings of the tea leaves and are of the least quality. All the best leaves are sold as loose leaves.

Now, this is not universally true. Yes, most of the packaged teas are just the leftovers and are of inferior quality. But a few tea companies actually sell the leaves in the packaged form also, in high-quality pyramid shape bags, called as sachets.

But a very less percentage of the production houses will genuinely provide you the best quality. This fact automatically motivates to buy tea online, in Australia and order for loose tea, when the local markets are flooded with the packaged tea.

  • Loose tea is economical:

When you purchase the loose leaf tea, you are only paying for the actual product. Whereas when you pay for the packaged tea, you are paying for all the packaging and shipping apart from the tea, which is not even as superior as loose tea.

  • Loose tea creates no waste:

The loose tea produces no waste, whereas the packaged tea, has a lot of waste creation involved. The covers of the tea or the tea bags always contribute to the environmental waste. There are a few companies coming up with the bio-degradable tea bags, but then you pay more there for the packaging making an unnecessary expenditure on your tea buy.

  • Some of the best teas are sold only as loose tea:

This is the most compelling reason for tea lovers to switch from their regular packages to the buying of loose leaf tea, as most of the best teas of the world are sold only in the loose form. Not even the sophisticated sachets have such flavours.

How to make the switch?

Even after understanding the reality of packaged teas and the advantages of the loose tea, it is not possible to make the switch unless and until you firmly decide to do so and follow the below-given tip.

  • Brew the loose tea:

All you need is a strainer and a teaspoon. You can easily brew the tea in a teapot. If the tea leaves are big you can remove them with the help of a spoon, and for smaller leaves, you would need an infuser. They are small baskets which can easily be placed inside the teapots.

The infusers can be removed from the pot to avoid over brewing of the tea. And an easy alternative to infusers is tea strainers. Just brew the tea in the water and strain once it is done.

You can brew till you get the perfect aroma and colour.


You might be a tea lover and still not aware of the best of the teas of the world, courtesy packaged teas. Make a shift to the loose leaf tea and enjoy it’d benefits. Start with the basic guidelines and then experiment with different blends and flavours.