Saturday 25 January 2020
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It is different!

            The needs for food and exercise are different for men and women as the men require more calorific value out of food and women have a smaller need for their physical make up. The men have to work out more than women as the muscle mass in men is quite larger when compared with women. The sports field is such a stress filled place where you have to prove yourself all the time and this requires enough energy and stamina which can be has from the kind of food taken in by these sportsmen and women on the ground. The difficult part of all is the conditions that arise after the exercises are finished where the person gets tired which is also called sportsman’s fatigue. This requires a lot of recovery time for the person and takes some time to recover from it. But the sports field is not a forgiving place for the weak and you have to be on your toes at all times.

Add this!

            The sportsmen and women who are professionals in body building and weight lifting are coming out with flying colours and are well known all over the world. These professionals and athletes have a totally different need as far as the food is concerned. The food includes immense amounts of protein and other essential micro nutrients that offer the right combination to help in the metabolic processes and help in building more muscle mass. The women also need these supplements as they too have to work very hard at developing more muscles as the proportion of protein has to be more than that of fats in the body. The most sought after supplements are the branched chain amino acids which have become the favourite of the women athletes and body builders who wanted to shed more of fat cells and build more protein and therefore more muscles. The benefits of BCAAs are so many especially in keeping good health and keeping fat at bay.


The features:

            The branched chain amino acids are very efficient in the process of synthesising proteins and the amino acids are the building blocks of amino acids. The three important amino acids are leucine, isoleucine and valin which play a major role in the process. With the use of these amino acids, you can feel the jump in the energy level; it causes the unwanted fat cells to be melted. When the fat cells are reduced, the muscles get bigger and they become well toned and much shapely than before. The exercise routine is quite intense and this makes a body builder vulnerable to muscle cramps, pains in the muscles and also a lot of fatigue. But in order to put the system back into action, the amino acids can be used to ease the effects of heavy work outs.

For strength:

            The amino acids give more energy and strength to the body and this helps you to improve the metabolic rate and thereby making the fat to literally melt away. This causes the loss of weight which is much needed by the women who want to keep a well shaped system.

The format:

            The amino acids are developed in many flavours and formats. They are available in several forms such as fruits. They are sold in flavours such as grape, raspberry and they are available in candy and chewy formats. The dosage for women ranges between three to five grams per day and to derive the benefits of BCAAs, the dosage level has to be strictly followed.