Monday 22 July 2019
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Ultimate Guide to Use Anavar and Avoid Its Side Effects

Some drugs are believed to be in use in sports competitions, though most of them are strictly banned. People expect instant results and go for steroids that can enhance their performance to outperform their competitors.

Intense rivalry in sport,right from Olympics to local tournaments, has given rise to illegal steroids and steroid abuse. However, steroids are not toxic on their own;it’s the dosage and frequency of intake that makes all the difference.

Oxandrolone, more commonly known by its brand name Anavar, has a lot of therapeutic properties. It’s beneficial for both women and men in their own unique way. Anavar weight loss results in men are quite amazing when compared to any other steroid. The bodybuilding community uses this drug for the numerous benefits it provides.

Is Anavar best for bulking or cutting phase?

Most bodybuilders have two phases in bodybuilding when it comes to larger muscles – bulking phase and cutting phase. The first phase or bulking phase is where you put on more weight; you tend to gain a lot of water weight and fat in the process. Don’t worry; you have the second phase or the cutting phase to rid yourself of excess fat and water weight while holding onto the lean muscle mass.

Oftentimes, drugs make you lose muscle mass when you try to lose weight. Anavar might not be the best steroid to go for when it comes to putting on weight, also called the bulking phase, in men. However, men find impressive results when it comes to shedding the water and fat stored in your body. You’ll have better results with Anavar,which protects lean muscles and decreases excess fat and water.

Not just for bodybuilders

Some people might think Anavar is used only by bodybuilders; in reality, most athletes are known to use it, too. Anavar is the right steroid you might have been looking for if you’re looking forward to have a drug that can boost your strength and performance.

Most sports demand endurance capabilities rather than having large muscles. This drug helps boost your cardiovascular system by enhancing oxygen flow to the muscles. Most physical activities, like running,requireexcessive oxygen supply which can be achieved only from a healthy heart and physique.

Anavar and its side effects

If you’re in the cutting phase, your main focus is to lose more fat while protecting your muscle mass. Most online reviews show Anavar to have better results than any other drug.It’s recommended that you follow a good post-cycle therapy (PCT) to avoid the disappearance of Anavarresults. However, Anavar cycle must be used to fast-track fat loss and long-term gains.

Anavar belongs to the category of mild steroids also called “girl steroid.” Most people fear steroids because of its side effects, though Anavar has negligible side effects compared to the benefits.

Some drugs used on men are known to aromatize or convert to estrogen. You don’t have to worry about the side effects of Anavar, like gynecomastia or male breasts, which can be the case with other drugs.

All you need to know about Anavar only cycle

Women: Anavar only cycle for women starts with a small dosage of 2.5 mg per day for the initial two weeks, and it can be increased to 5 mgin the third week. The dosage can beincreased further considering its effect on each individual. It’s suggested that you decrease the dosage to 5 mg per day by the start of the seventh week. However, the cycle must end with a dosage of 10 mg per day in the eighthweek.

Men: It’s a whole different ball game for men where Anavar is used for the cutting phase. Anavar is used by men with a sole purpose of losing body fat. Men start with 50 mg per day in the first few weeks and go up to 60 mg and 80 mg in the third and fourth week.

However, the dosage must be decreased to 70 mg in the fifth week and increase it to 80 mg in the sixth week. It has benefits all the way to both men and women; men use it in their cutting phase, while for women it occurs in the bulking phase.

Anavar weight loss results in men are quite amazing, considering you stick to the right dosage and follow the post-cycle therapy (PCT) and avoid the ill effects of the steroid.One possible reason for its wide usage might be its short detection time than any other drugs.

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