Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Side Effects of Deca Durabolin on Women

Deca Durabolin or Deca for short has androgen and anabolic components that make it a very strong steroid. This can cause an effect on the body like putting more mass in the muscles, fat burning and a bulky muscular body built. Mainly it is more on enhancing masculine features.

However women nowadays also use Deca for the same purpose. However, since Deca is more applicable to men rather than women, it can cause more side effects than benefits on women. Here are some Deca Durabolin nebenwirkungen or side effects on women.

Menstrual Abnormalities

Like other steroids, Deca can affect a woman’s menstrual cycle. It can either mix up the cycle or even stop it completely. Regular and normal menstruation is a symptom of good health in women. So if the cycle is interrupted, women can gain health problems with this occurrence there are also cases that there are times that no menstruation will occur for three months or so. But after that, a very overflowing menstruation will occur that may last for two weeks which is very painful on the part of the women.

Loss of Sex Drive

This is related to menstrual abnormalities. With this, the libido reaction is affected. There are also times that the female organs will encounter pain that will dissolve any desire for intercourse. Deca can also affect the fertility of women and can cause miscarriage if taken while pregnant. Infertility can be also a result of using Deca.


Deca can have an active effect on the brain making sleeping an impossible task, therefore resulting in insomnia. Lack of sleep can affect the health of the person. Not only that it can create distressful emotions that can cause the brain to function slowly. The person may experience sudden anxiety and depression and also frequent mood change.

Abdominal Upsets

Another effect of Deca is the upsets on the abdominal section of the body. This is given, of course, since menstrual abnormalities occur too.  But aside from the pain of the menstruation, there are also some irregularities in the digestive system that can lead to diarrhea and other abdominal related diseases. Upset stomachs and loss of appetite can also happen on the woman who is in taking Deca.

Body and Mind Irritation

Itchiness everywhere on the body will occur too. This itch can lead to body rashes that can be really noticeable. This, of course, is great discomfort and can also cause irritation in the mind of the user, especially on women, since they are more emotional related than men. This can make women more stressed out and aggressive in response. This can also lead to depression which is very unhealthy for a woman’s well-being.

With these very discomforting side effects, it is better for women to not take Deca. However, as some may have experience, this is not what always happens. Some side effects don’t occur. It is still best to consult your doctor on this before taking this steroid. There also some alternatives to Deca that is much fine for women.