Monday 22 July 2019
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What you need to remember in taking injectable Nebido

When you buy injectable Nebido testosterone you need to know that this is a very serious preparation. It’s injectable and unlike any other preparations, this is a preparation of the drug whose effects are fast. This is also very much prone to overdose and all sorts of problems.

It’s essentially made for a hormonal replacement for men with low testosterone. Testosterone has a lot of benefits that body builders love so much even if it’s illegally obtained in the US without a prescription and if you’re a body builder that doesn’t need hormonal replacement it could only mean you got your drug from a different source. There is a reason why many people choose IM injections for their bodybuilding and for a good reason:

Faster effects: Intramuscular is absorbed faster; this is because unlike gels and pills that you have to ingest, it will still pass the stomach before it can be absorbed by the body which will take a while. An injectable as it is called, it’s injected directly into a muscle tissue and gets directly absorbed as little as 5-10 mins, versus the 30mins – 45 mins when a tablet, pills or gels are ingested. This gives them a very close to the immediate effect that people love. Just a little injection and you’re good to go! If you want to take this drug on you make sure that you aren’t afraid of needles because you will be using this medication for weeks or even more.

Shorter half-life: The downside of having a drug that is absorbed faster is that the drug half-life is lesser. This means lesser intervals, more intakes, and lesser cycles. Dosage varies from person to person and gender to gender. This isn’t your average drug and the more that you will know and realize that, the more that you will respect this drug even further especially if you’re using it for body building and not because of replacement therapy.

Overdose warning: Injectable overdose is actually very common this is because unlike tablets that when you get is fixed, with injectable you have to be the one that will regulate it. You have to be in focus and have a steady hand when you do this and most especially just like the law that highly advises you not to drive when you’re drunk, you don’t do take injectable under the influence of alcohol because you won’t just be prone to overdosing or underdoing but also because alcohol will also affect the drug’s pharmacokinetics.

Consult a physician: Before you take testosterone especially injectables you need to consult a physician, just like anyone before embarking on a great journey and consults a Wiseman first, this is the same thing. Consult and ask for anything that you need clarification if you don’t know what to ask, then make a list before you go to a physician just to be sure you get everything covered.

The questions and ethics in bodybuilding are always about the drugs that bodybuilders use. That is why you need to have a deeper knowledge on the drugs that you are taking especially if these drugs are hormonal and can alter a lot of your body functions.