Monday 19 August 2019
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For a healthy living- drink less

A drink is never going to ruin your inner organs or burn you intestines. A perfect answer to the question does alcohol lower testosterone depends upon your level of consumption. If you are boozer then for damn sure your levels of testosterone are going low than you ever imagined.

The drinks have evolved in our culture from some 8000 years back. The role of alcohol is so big in our society. The alcohol is not dangerous one or a poisonous one unless and until people consume it in larger amounts. A drink for a day with your lunch or dinner is not going to cause any of the side effects because it has got its own health benefits.

Lower your testosterone?

The answer for you biggest question is no when you drink in little levels and the answer becomes positive when your intake is too high. Alcohol is a mixture of various chemical compounds and some ones like beer have plant extracts in them. In such cases beer can serve as a food supplement and enhance your cells. When you take too much of beer then it may show its own nature.

Lack of testosterone

In men, testosterone plays a vital role in reproduction and fertility. When lots of alcohol has been consumed then you may suffer from infertility and other issues regarding your sexual health. You must be quite sure that a glass of drink is enough for you and more than a glass will cause so many effects for you.

In women, the exact opposite thing happens; the testosterone is a male hormone which starts increasing in female body on high level consumption of alcohol. This also causes issues related to birth problems of new born and many issues relating to reproductive organs.

Not a big problem

Drinking is not a biggest problem. It is just a sip of alcohol for your health benefits. Drinking is considered as one of the most cultured way of dining in many parts of the world. Mostly drinks are consumed to maintain the body warmth in freezing temperatures. The main work of alcohol is to keep your body warm and make your organs work properly when it is taken in limited quantity. The studies reveal that less amount of consumption will save you from heart attacks and many diseases. Sticking on with alcohol in a friendly manner is fine.

How to consume alcohol?

When you are having a drink you must know how to drink properly or in a manner which will not lower your testosterone. Here are some tips for consuming alcohol

  1. Have a drink with your food; don’t make alcohol as your food.
  2. Take sufficient nutrients to match up with your drink.
  3. Make a note of calories in your drink
  4. Stay away from raw alcohol; mix some kind of liquids with it.

These are just some of the tips which will enhance your body and help you to drink alcohol in fewer amounts. Consume alcohol in lower amounts and enjoy the health benefits. Make sure you have a proper diet plan with drinking.