Tuesday 23 July 2019
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Dianabol Steroid Use Benefits the Body

Dianabol is one of the well-discussed steroids in the market. It has been used by the different generations of bodybuilders to get the desired gain of the muscles in the body.  It belongs to a group of drug that has been solely created for the performance enhancement. It was created by Dr. Zeilger to enhance the athlete’s muscles that are participating in sporting events allowing a good competition to other users. It was first introduced in the market in  1950.  It is one of the oldest steroids that have been used for the purpose. It is still important for a beginner to find out more about the dosage and effects before use.


Methandrostenolone or Methandienone is the generic names of the popular steroid that is known as Dianabol. It is produced by various pharmaceutical companies across the world. It is a testosterone derive artificially synthesised drug that has a few modifications in their structure that increases the stability.  The anabolic contains a double bond between the carbon one and two position which reduces the androgenic rating to 60 (in comparison to testosterone that scores 100) on the index. It contains a methyl group at the 17th carbon position. It allows resistance to degradation of the steroid in the first passage through the liver. These different characteristics of Dianabol make it the most discussed as well as the popularly used steroid in the athletic community. More information on the steroid can be found on various websites like

Effect of the steroid use

The use of any alternative substitute of hormone changes the functioning of the body. The use of the anabolic has been associated with an increase in the protein synthesize in the body that deals with the increase in the muscles. Another factor that contributes to the muscle growth is the nitrogen content in the body. The use of steroid use enhances the nitrogen retention by more than 10%. Dianabol has been used medically in the treatment of muscle wasting due to HIV/AIDS, inflammation problem. It has been used to increase the strength of bones and used effectively in the treatment of osteoporosis in the body. The fast-acting action of the steroid allows the user to see results in a few short weeks with gains as much as 15-20lb.There is some negative effect on the use which includes liver toxicity. The use of Dianabol promotes an increase in the cholesterol levels that can lead to heart problems.

Alternatives present in the market

The negative impact of steroid has turned many people to use supplements to get the same gains without getting the negative impacts. One of such product is the Crazy bulk DBol. This product is a natural supplement that can produce a similar effect as Dianabol.  In spite of the dangers associated with the steroid use many people prefer as it is one of the fastest acting drugs, the supplement use does not translate to the same type of effect. In various countries like U.K, it has been classified under Class C, which indicates restrictions imposed on the drug use. The information on Dianabol use can be found on different websites like