Monday 19 August 2019
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Deca Durabolin – Know the cycles and more

Deca Durabolin is a thermogenic metabolism stimulator, it is a supplement used to burn fat in the body by most body builders and athlete professionals. Predominantly, it is used as the cutting agent by anabolic steroid users, in their phase of cutting cycle length.

Dosage and Cycles of Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin should be used only when one wants to lose maximum fat at faster rates. Albuterol and Salbuterol are the other available drugs similar to Deca Durabolin. Ephedrine also has the same functions as that of Deca Durabolin. But Deca Durabolin differs from other compounds by having the long half-life which makes it more effective.

The cycles are advised to take during cutting sessions for a body builder to burn fat and improve physique and enhance performance by retaining strength.

The most common cutting cycle length used is two-week cycle, some may adopt even 4-6 week cycles and some people even adapt 16-week cycle but Deca Durabolin should be kept not more than 16 weeks to avoid severe damages to the body.

The effective dose can be started at 20 mcg/day and increased slowly to 140 mcg/day and at the end of the cycle, it should be brought to 20 mcg/day. It is best to increase 20 mcg/day at a time to evaluate best results in the ongoing cycle.

Many people like to start with high dose where their hands begin to shake and increase in sweating and finally when there is no proper diet plan, it eventually leads to no fat loss and excess of dose results in desensitization. Deca Durabolin removes fat better way in a slow process compared to long cycling processes and higher doses burn excess fat and even reduces performance.

If one is self-monitored and careful about the diet plan and targets, even if the person doesn’t use steroids but just wanted to get ripped physique and toned body, Deca Durabolin is highly useful. Deca Durabolin helps in retaining muscle and cut fat, it also increases lung capacity because it opens up the Bronchial tubes and sheds water weight to eliminate excess toxins.

Side Effects: How to avoid them

If one is careless and not strict enough while using Deca Durabolin, they have a high chance of having short-term and long term effects.

Shaking in hands, Hypertension, anxiety, feeling Nervous, headaches, sweating, breathing difficulties are seen as short term side effects which last for short period of time and disappear if the use of Deca Durabolin is stopped.

Another deadly effect which is also one of the long term effects of Deca Durabolin is muscle cramps. These cramps will occur only when one doesn’t take enough quantity of drinking water while using Deca Durabolin. Not only this but also one has to keep themselves away from dehydrating substances like caffeine. So to avoid the muscle cramps, it is advised to take a good quantity of water and also take supplements that help the muscle to relax.

Enlarged heart and degradation, the risk of bone fractures are other long-term effects. Men and women face different problems when men face hypertension than women face alterations in hormonal acts while speeding up metabolism.

There can be benefits by using Deca Durabolin only when one follows strict and self-monitored dosages, cycles and proper diet plan.