Monday 19 August 2019
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When to Get an Eye Examination

It is recommended by professionals that you have an eye examination performed at least once a year to ensure that your vision is as it should be and your eyes are healthy. Without this annual examination, you could miss the telling signs of a serious problem with your eyes and eyesight, which might lead to serious outcomes. During such an examination, expect to have every single aspect of your eyes closely studied to spot potential cancer, infections, cataracts, and other conditions that could lead to a loss of vision or worse.

Blurry Vision

Blurry vision may happen due to a number of things, from taking certain medications to simply being tired, but any new instances of blurry vision that cannot be explained should be examined. For example, if you typically have trouble focusing your eyes after a long day driving, working, or otherwise going about your business, it may be that your eyes are growing weak with frequent use. Reading glasses may be an option that could help you correct the problem and keep you safer when driving or moving on foot.

Double Vision

This is not as common and fewer things can explain this type of problem, making it all the more important that you be seen. Double vision is classified as the doubling of objects you look at, meaning they are out of focus and appear as if they are more than a single object. An eye examination in Perth should be your first priority once you notice the double vision symptom begin and you should have another person drive you to the appointment for your safety.


Burning in your eyes could be due to them being dried out but chronic dryness and burning in the eyes could be a sign of a disease called chronic dry eye. If left alone, your eyes could experience serious long-term damage but a professional could help you find solutions to the problem. Those suffering from chronic dry eye could not even know they have the issue, instead considering the symptoms common, and these individuals often find they enjoy a higher quality of life after treatment.

Burning can also be a serious sign that you have a foreign substance such as a chemical in your eye. If you get any type of chemical in your eye, rinse thoroughly for at least five minutes in each eye before quickly going to see a medical professional. After your eyes are clear of the substance, visit your optometrist for an examination to ensure that you did not cause any long-term damage to your pupil or any other component of the eye.


Itching could be a sign of allergies or it could be an early sign of an infection and only a professional can make that call. Many different viral and bacterial infections mimic the symptoms of allergies, making it critical that you be seen while symptoms are minimal. If you do have a bacterial infection in your eye, expect the itching to be quickly followed by redness, thick green or yellow discharge, and blurred vision.


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