Monday 22 July 2019
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What to Ask Your Lasik Doctor?

Need tips on how to prepare for your initial consultation or scheduling a visit with your eye surgeon? Then you have come to the right place. Before you even schedule that appointment and go to your local LASIK center, be sure to consider any questions you want to ask about laser vision correction. This article will also help you know the LASIK Singapore price so you can prepare your budget. The recommended questions below will help you decide if you have found the right eye doctor to treat your vision problems. This will also help your doctor decide whether you have a great chance of success with LASIK surgery.

How many LASIK eye surgeries have you performed?

Start by asking how many LASIK surgeries your doctor has performed during his tenure. While having a low number of LASIK surgeries don’t mean that your surgeon does not excel in doing LASIK surgeries, most patients would choose to work with a more experienced eye doctor.


What tools and technology are you using during operation?

LASIK technology is constantly improving. The improvements not only include the benefits patients will get but also the tools and lasers used during the procedure. Aside from the standard laser vision correction, your surgeon may offer options in choosing other advance technology for the operation. Some of the improved LASER technology includes Custom LASIK, Bladeless LASIK, and Wavefront LASIK. All of these come with its unique benefits. In case you don’t know which to choose, you can always ask your surgeon for help so you can decide which is right for you.

How much do I need to prepare for the procedure?


There is no definite LASIK Singapore price since the rates may vary depending on the laser used. The condition of your eyes may also affect the pricing. With initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to have your doctor check your eyes to determine the amount of money you need to prepare for the operation. Even a price range will help you compare rates with other surgeons.

How do we determine if I am qualified for LASIK surgery?

Not all patients who want refractive surgery will be qualified for LASIK treatment. That is why you need to know first if you’re qualified. You need to be healthy enough and should be over the age of 18 to have greater chances of being qualified. Do remember that each LASIK candidacy will be evaluated individually so it is important to know exactly how your LASIK candidacy will be determined.

How do I prepare for the LASIK surgery?

LASIK procedure only lasts for about 15 minutes. It is done as an outpatient procedure at the LASIK surgery centers. To make sure that you will be ready for the scheduled operation, ask your doctor how you can prepare for it. Some will be required not to wear their prescription contact lenses for a few days. So be sure to ask this question to your doctor. This will also let you prepare in case you need to file a leave of absence from work.

What results can I expect after the LASIK surgery?

While LASIK is known to bring patients fast and consistent benefits, results may still vary per person. If you want to learn more about what the recovery period of this type of surgery is like, how soon you’ll see improved eyesight, or how long it takes to heal, don’t hesitate to ask your surgeon for details. Only your surgeon can specifically give you an individualized answer according to your eye condition.

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