Saturday 18 January 2020
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Top Ways Laser Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Most people value a beautiful smile and cannot wait to have one. With so many options available, why choose laser dentistry? Here are the top ways that laser dentistry can help you have the smile of your dreams.

Less Damage

South Florida laser dentistry uses such precision that it helps reduce the amount of damage to the surrounding tissues. This means that it takes less time to heal after the procedure. You can show your smile off faster. The heat of the laser promotes the clotting of the blood limiting the amount of blood loss experienced during the procedure.

Reduced Infections

The tissues are sterilized by the laser leading to fewer bacterial infections post-procedure. Because the laser seals the incisions, there is less need for sutures further reducing the chance for infections. By prepping teeth for fillings, the lasers can remove decaying parts of teeth to make the mouth healthier. Lasers can target bacteria in the mouth and destroy it preventing further damage caused by periodontal disease.

Laser Dentistry Can Improve Your Smile

Treated Conditions

Laser dentistry can help remove excess gum tissue covering those pearly whites. Sensitive teeth can benefit from laser treatment. By preparing teeth with a laser beforehand, crowns can fit more securely and comfortably. Periodontal disease can be treated at a variety of stages by lasers. Removing excess folds with a laser can help bridges and dentures fit more comfortably.

Laser Types

There is more than one type of laser used depending on what is being treated. Tooth decay can be spotted using hard tissue lasers that can then go in and offer early-stage treatments. Soft tissues like the gums can easily be targeted with a soft tissue laser.

Radiant Smiles

After treatment, you can enjoy a radiant smile. No longer worry about unsightly gums covering your teeth. Not to mention, lasers can be an effective way to repair and remove bacteria from the gum line for a healthier mouth.