Monday 22 July 2019
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Tips on Selecting your Dental Products for Healthier Teeth

Maintaining a healthy and good-looking set of teeth is a journey. It does not happen in just a snap of a finger. You start young and continue the right healthy routine until adulthood. In this venture, you would need to have proper dental products that can be used for cleaning and for achieving your goals. Your carrollton dentist can suggest brands and tips for choosing which you can always consider. Here are also a few guides you can check:


Commercials or TV advertisements were always criticized for highlighting the good and covering the bad side of a product. Not all toothpastes work as they are advertised.

  • Check for the brand that contains fluoride. This will not be a difficult task for you because almost all toothpastes in the market claim fluoride c
  • Ask your dentist to suggest for toothpaste brands that do not contain the said ingredient.
  • Look for those which could address your needs at the moment. For instance, you can opt for whitening toothpaste if you want to improve the colour of your teeth.
  • Buy fluoridated toothpaste for children which are also flavoured to encourage them to brush their teeth regularly. Check for a flavour that is child-friendly.


The main product which you should not live without is a toothbrush. This comes in various shapes and designs. Some toothbrushes are specifically crafted for medical purposes. Your carrollton dentist can also make suggestions on which style and brand of toothbrushes you should opt for considering your current oral condition.


  • Ordinary individuals think that hard bristled brushes are the best options to remove the dirt on the surface of the teeth. This is not the case, according to dental professionals. Hard bristled brushes hurt the tooth surface while also scraping off the enamel as a natural protection for the tooth. They suggest that soft-bristled brushes should be used which are gentle on the enamel and on the gum line.
  • There is no standard size. For you grab the right one, make sure that it suits your mouth. The right size of toothbrush is not too big or too small with your mouth opened and can reach the back areas of the teeth.
  • Toothbrush replacement should be done each quarter or whenever you feel that it has already worn out even before lasting for three months.
  • According to carrollton dentist, powered toothbrushes are very efficient when it comes to brushing as compared to the regular ones. You can always have one but it is never a necessity because regular toothbrushes can also do the job right.


You cannot just cut out any string out there to use as floss. Flossing is critical to the gum area which is the most sensitive part of the mouth. A dental floss comes in various flavours, forms, sizes and coating. You might want to consider buying a different type for adult and another one for the kids. If you are a parent, you can choose the floss with fruity flavours to encourage the kids to do it. Adults can go with the original mint flavour that enhances the freshness of the mouth.

Some floss may be difficult to use. If this is the case, you can purchase floss holders from grocery and drug stores.

Water irrigation tools

These tools are used to remove any food particle stuck in between teeth. This device is recommended by carrollton dentist to those teenagers who are wearing dental braces. Irrigation will help the food to be flushed out of the mouth easily. In the world of dental health, irrigation devices have been proven to reduce instances of plaque accumulation, gingivitis and bleeding.

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James Sherer is a certified dental professional who can guide you through your oral health journey. His recommendations have helped hundreds of people achieve their dental goals and enjoy its benefits.


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