Thursday 18 April 2019
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Gather information to the best level before indulging into any sort of dental clinic!

Nowadays, almost everything is available online. The medical field is no exception with a number of medical reviewing web portals coming up over the recent times. Even there has been an upsurge of mobile apps related to health. Thus, the individual clinics have also gone a step or two ahead in order to improve their online presence. In the process, they are also offering few extra benefits to their clients visiting the portals, like free check-ups and tests.

How to judge quality of clinics online

It is a shady area when it comes to judging the clinics online. There are many reviews available, but again, many of them turn out to be paid reviews, which for obvious reasons are not genuine! It is rather difficult for the online reader to understand the nexus happening behind the scenes, and s/he may thus fall in the trap.

Another way to judge online is to search Google and Yahoo! for the dental and health clinics. The search engines rank the clinics from best to worst, and a pick from among the top five can somewhat ensure that they are going to be good enough. But alas, they are also not full proof! A better way is to go visit the clinics on the own. One can however get some idea from the dedicated websites of various clinics.


For instance, on, an interested person can have a look at the medicos and their qualifications. One can see out here that the clinic that exists at two locations in London have a team of best medicos in oral health with 100+ years of experience shared among them. They also have performed individually a great many numbers of operations, surgeries and implants that add up to more than 15000 if calculated collectively. Such attributes can ensure that the quality of service will not be very inferior out here, and one can at least expect a very good standard, if not the best!

Dedicated websites can help new patients

Some of the clinics attach highly valued services to their websites, like locating the exact place of the clinics, showing directions over maps, etc. There are also other facilities like booking a free check-up online and availing a panoramic X-ray test worth £75 free of cost. An individual can instead email to as well for booking a free check-up slot. Alternatively, a person can also tele-book by calling up on 020 3769 9445.

The details of services provided are also clearly spelt out on the websites. Hence, one can find out from the list whether what s/he is looking for is available or not. The clinic, situated in East Finchley and Swiss Cottage, offers basic dentistry services including tooth decay, bleeding gums and bad breathe, dentures, crowns and bridging as well as root canal treatments and other orthodontics.It also has value added services for dental implants, facelift and smile uplift therapies, the details regarding the procedures, durations and costs are available on Even free dental implant guide can also be downloaded from here.


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