Monday 22 July 2019
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How to fight against bad breath?

Bad breath is literally the worst nightmare we’ve all experienced at least once in our lives. There are many causes for bad breath, but the truth is that if we try hard enough we can get rid of the bad breath permanently. Carol Waldman Dentistry Toronto will give you some advice on how to fight against bad breath.

Bad breath is also calledhalitosis and it is a very embarrassing issue.

But guess what? There are some tips on how you can prevent bad breath and here are some of the things you need to know about:

The bacteria live in the mouth, and when you eat food, the production of bacteria in the mouth increases. During the whole process of eating, there are some oral bacteria that produce sulfur compounds that cause bad breath. Sulfur is one of the major causes of bad breath that happens due to the increased bacteria in the mouth. But you can solve this by brushing your teeth after every meal. This way you will prevent the spreading of bacteria and the bad breath will be gone forever.

This problem can surely be difficult and unpleasant, not only for patients but also for the people around them. If your job involves talking to people most of the times then this can be very bad for your self – confidence, because people will not want to be around you. All jobs require communication with people, so this means that you will need to take care of that problem immediately.


Brush your teeth regularly to remove food particles that are stuck on the teeth. These particles interact with saliva which again, causes bad breath. So, what you can do about this is to brush your teeth twice a day and drink enough water.

Eating healthy food is important in the fight against bad breath. There are certain types of foods that cause bad breath. So if you want to have a good oral health make sure you eat enough fruits and vegetables during the day. Drink water and fresh home – made juices.

Chewing herbs coriander, eucalyptus, rosemary and peppermint helps to fight bad smell. You can put all these plants together in hot water to make tea and consume it in this way. These plants are good for digestion too. There is absolutely no harm of using it.

Your brush should be changed at least four times in one year. You may think that your brush looks healthy and clean but it is not. Change it regularly to stop the spreading of bacteria.

Yogurt is a great product when it comes to the protection of the teeth and getting rid of bad breath.

Eat foods that contain enough vitamin C. Almost every fruit and vegetable contains vitamin C which is good for the gums and to keep the teeth healthy and protected.

Gums are prohibited because most of the times sugar is the main cause of bad breath. It can cause sticking of the bacteria in the mouth.

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