Monday 30 March 2020
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Choosing the right bearings will save you hundreds of dollars a year in dental handpiecerepair

High speed bearings are used in many functions, as well as in dental drills. For high-speed bearings, noise, vibration and reliability are important factors that are strongly influenced by the design and characteristics of the manufacturing process. Stainless steel bearings for high speed tips are available in almost any size. There are several functions available, including flanges, dimensions and additional features that ensure proper adjustment when repairing a dental mouthpiece.

Repair requirements

Various fastening materials and ball materials, coatings and shields are available to meet the repair requirements for dental handpieces. It is important to choose a suitable tooth bearing retainer for the bearing used in your grip. Phenol tweezers – the best option. These materials can prevent welding of components and prolong the service life of the bearing. These bearings ensure smooth operation at high speeds, which will extend the life of your hand tools.

dental handpiece repair

Dental handpieces require a long service life at speeds of five hundred thousand revolutions per minute, and in several new models they are even higher. They must also withstand the repeated autoclave. The corrosion resistance of the bearings is a serious problem and should include frequent sterilization. Safe food oils and lubricants designed for high speeds and temperatures play an important role in the operation of any bearing used in the dental handpiece. For high speed functions, noise, vibration and bearing life are essential points that are greatly influenced by the bearing design and the complex characteristics of the bearing manufacturing process.

Excessive heat and vibration can cause premature failure of the dental bearing. This probability is remarkable when increasing the speed of rotation of the ball bearing. To ensure smooth and silent operation of the bearings, additional processing of the internal coupling surfaces of the ball bearing components is required, as well as additional care in the manufacture of the components. This method of assembly includes a reinforced radial clearance to ensure that each dental ball bearing has the same intrinsic properties as the next.

The diameter of the shaft is an important factor for dental bearings.

The internal components correspond to a specially calibrated radial clearance to guarantee the maximum service life of the bearings. If the dental bearing is pressed too much against the impeller shaft, the radial clearance may be disturbed, resulting in overheating and premature failure of the bearing. If the dental ball bearing is not pressed correctly against the shaft, the ball bearing will not work concentrically, which can cause premature failure of the high speed dental bearing.

The shielded bearings prevent contamination during operation, allowing you to re-lubricate the bearing during the maintenance of the bit. Choosing the right bearing for dental handpiece repair tip is an important function of your dental drill repair company. Choosing the correct bearing will significantly increase the life of your repair.