Saturday 16 February 2019
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Baby Eczema is a condition when the skin dries up and forms the crack. You should note that they are different from dry skins. Baby eczema leads to infection as the skin remain unprotected. So be careful if you child has such condition.

What are Baby Eczema and its cause?

There is no definite reason as for why it causes on the baby. Some term them as a genetic problem as it generally occurs if there is a medical history of this in the family.

It can trigger by any chemical that may be present that you have applied to you baby which is not suited to his skin. Baby Eczema spans from one year to five years. As skins getdrier there is a chance of getting an infection, so care must be taken that they are protected from it.

What are the Symptoms of Baby Eczema?

Baby Eczema is often confused with dry skin as both of them look almost the same thing. But dry skin is not so itchy and not that redness as Baby Eczema. That the difference between them.

The main symptoms are that it is scanlines and skin appears to be cracked. Other symptoms include skin imperfection too. If you are not sure, go and consult a doctor, but in more or less scenario all skin disease work in the same so it would be a problem.

Steps to Prevent / Treat Baby Eczema:

There is numerous ways to which you can counter this condition:

  • Moisturize the area affected regularly. Never let it dry out. Make sure you use the right kind of moisturizer
  • Immediately consult a doctor and give the prescribed medicine to the baby.
  • If the itching increases you might consult doctors, they have a special machine which zooms UV-B rays for faster recovery but does it with doctor’s consult.
  • Make sure that the baby is not scratching the are affected. Let it be open and keep it under cool condition
  • Find out what the baby is an allergy to that have caused it, these allergies are caused mainly by some particular foods or drinks. It may also be caused if it comes in contact with some chemical or plants that might result into such.

Baby Eczema is not to be taken lightly. There is more possible chance that your baby might get the condition if it runs in your family. If so, it’s better to take precaution before and prevent any wide spread of it. If not treated properly it may attract infection. Also, make sure the baby does not scratch it as it can spread to different areas from scalp to toes.